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Jim Cauthen is a portrait photographer that was a referral to us as he had reached out to his network looking for recommendations for a web designer. 

Jim wanted a whole new look on his site. Didn’t have many preferences other than it had to look amazing. This gave us some creative latitude to do some creative layouts and set the stage for his site to grow in the future. 

He was surprised when we told him that we could take his existing WordPress site and redo it without starting from the ground up.


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Blog Archives

We took his blog and broke it out into the major types of photos he takes. Using categories to create blog archives, we were able to create a few “blog pages” that only showed those categories. We included a traditional blog page as well that shows everything he’s posted. This method gave his blog a more professional website look – than a free blogging site.

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Google Analytics Integration

Free web analytics service provided by Google that tracks and generates reports on your website traffic.


Email Marketing Integration

Making it easier to collect email addresses of loyal site fans to send emails containing ads, requests to buy and brand awareness.


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Custom Design Layout

Every one of our sites are custom designed to match the brand and needs of the business.


Jim C.

I stumbled across Dustin through a friend on Facebook after asking for suggestions of web developers to help me re-build my online presence. My website was in dire need of a complete uninstall and reboot in my mind, but after talking with Dustin and explaining what I was looking for, he assured me that we would be able to go with my existing (although outdated) content, and get me back up and running. The examples of his previous work, and his very fast response times with my questions left me with no doubt that Dustin was my guy.

After discussing my needs, Dustin provided me with a step-by-step list of what he needed from me, as well as what I could expect. The process was a lot quicker than I expected and within just days I didn’t even recognize my website. He was patient and understanding when answering every random (and sometimes technical) question I shot his way. Dustin even stepped up when there was a major technical issue and was able to get everything back on track. He even went above and beyond with other random questions I had, providing me with knowledge that I was lacking and helping me understand the flow of things a lot better.

Dustin also helped me with a new logo – providing me with a good handful of rough drafts and a good amount of updates to finally hone down the final product. It met every expectation and requirement I put forth and I’m in love with the new design!

I’m still amazed with everything Dustin did for me in such a short amount of time! Not only was he fast, professional, and understanding, but he exceed every expectation and requirement I put forth. I will definitely be requesting his services again when I’m ready to open up the online store part of my website.