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The team at CPR4U came to us looking for a solution that would consolidate and make the process easier for people to sign up for their different CPR certification courses in the Tucson, AZ area.

A key feature they needed for this new site was something that they could manage themselves to keep courses current with an easy way to track those who have enrolled for their courses.

They came with a very specific list of requirements with how the site needed to function to meet business needs – and I think we did a good job of achieving that for them.


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Website Package

The Business Owner


Event Registration

CPR4U needed a system that would allow them to list the training courses they were offering, where they would be, who was teaching them, how much, and most of all – accept payment online from those registering. To do this we used EventEspresso to facilitate complete functionality.

Additinal Packages


Maintenance & Security


Logo Design Package

Standard Setup Features


Google Analytics Integration

Free web analytics service provided by Google that tracks and generates reports on your website traffic.


Email Marketing Integration

Making it easier to collect email addresses of loyal site fans to send emails containing ads, requests to buy and brand awareness.


Social Share Buttons

Encourage site visitors to share your content with their friends using social share buttons of all the popular social networks.


Custom Design Layout

Every one of our sites are custom designed to match the brand and needs of the business.


Dave N.

I am the founder and owner of CPR4U. I needed a new webpage and company Logo. I found multiple opportunities to self develop a webpage and multiple persons willing to perform this for me.

After some research I found Dustin Olsen. I presented my wish list and he got started. We worked closely via email and phone calls as he is in another state. After some adjustments the webpage for CPR4U was launched and a new logo was promoted. This included a presence in multiple Social Media venues and training on how to manage the webpage and integrate the Social Media.

Our working relationship did not end with the launching of the online presence. I have continued to utilize Dustin’s expertise in managing software updates. He provides a management service for a reasonable fee, reviewing the function of the software and webpage. We have regular conversations via phone and emails. This has allowed me to keep current with the use of the CPR4U webpage and optimize customer acquisition and a robust improvement in sales volume.

Dustin’s knowledge allows for an online training with both of us at the webpage’s backdoor at hours convenient to me and the business.

Dustin has also made a trip to Arizona where I conduct CPR4U for a face to face training. This again offered an improved perspective for me to utilize the webpage.

As our business grows. I expect to contract with Dustin to take on complete management of the webpage as my time working with customers requires my direct input. This is a direct result of the work in the world wide web that he has provided my company.

I look forward to a long term relationship with Dustin.