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Traditional Website Project

Website Build or Redesign

Pretty much guaranteed. When you pay someone to build you a website, you should (at the very least) get a functioning website.

Cobalt Graphics: We understand that a strong online presence, with great visual appeal, is vital to a brand’s credibility. We have factored in time to redesign your website.

Website Hosting

Not every web developer will offer website hosting for clients. Some do, but don’t be surprised if they leave hosting up to you to figure out.

Cobalt Graphics: We provide and manage our recommended hosting solution for your Divi WordPress website. It’s stress free for you because you don’t have to worry about the details, and it is included with your all-in-one plan.

Ongoing Updates & Additions

Typically, these types of updates are billed hourly or quoted at a project rate. If the developer wants to discourage you from making requests, they will have an expensive rate.

Cobalt Graphics: We know that many of our website owners need help with the more complicated endeavors they have for their website. To help you be successful, we are here to assist and guide you in making updates on your website. We’ll tailor your all-in-one plan to best meet your needs.

Routine Website Care

Most developers don’t circle back around to ensure you are running a tight ship with your website. It often falls to the website owner to know what to do and keep up with it.

Cobalt Graphics: We understand how daunting this can be for some website owners, especially when something breaks and no way to ‘Control-Z’ back to safety. We look after the core elements of your website to potentially avoid catastrophe.

Data Privacy Solutions

This part of your website is often ignored by web developers unless you provide content for a Privacy Policy or Terms of Service page. That, or they copy and paste generic text (which doesn’t help you) for each of these pages.

Cobalt Graphics: We are interested in looking out for our clients, and their compliance with data privacy laws around the world. We generate required legal text that automatically updates to accommodate changing laws enforced by States and Countries.

Web Accessibility

Accessibility can be often ignored because these standards either require lots compromises with preferred design and functionality, or adds a lot of extra time and cost to a project.

Cobalt Graphics: We strive to achieve as many WCAG AA standards as possible with each website we build. We’ll include an Accessibility statement on your website that describes known issues and how to contact someone with suggest improvements.

Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Other Pricing Options

If our All-in-One plan doesn’t sound like a good fit for you, we have other great options that have worked well for our other clients.

Hourly Rate

Ideal for clients who have ongoing change requests, or purely need the occasional assist getting past hurdles and roadblocks with their Divi WordPress Website.

Project Fee

Great for clients who have a set budget and a defined list of things that need to be accomplished for project completion.


Perfect for clients that need to ensure a block of time is dedicated to them to accomplish a constant flow of change requests.

White Label

Preferred for clients with clients and need websites built. We partner with you to provide a solution that jives well with your existing setup.