Monthly Website Maintenance

Run a Tight Ship With Routine Website Maintenance.

Avoid devastating hacks that could result in loss of business (and customer trust) simply because you ignored the heart of your website – the code.

Woman viewing website maintenance report

How Website Maintenance Works

Proactive Monitoring

We are alerted when your website is goes down or has a security vulnerability the requires immediate action. 

Monthly Plugin & Theme Updates

Ensures your website has the latest bug fixes and security patches for the solutions you’re using.

WordPress Core Updates

We test WordPress Core releases before updating websites to make sure your website won’t break.

Daily Off-site Backups

Redundant and frequent back-ups that are independant from the hosting platform, just for the truly unexpected.

Monthly Summary Report

Get a Status Report summary in your inbox every month showing updates that were made, number of backups available, and if there hiccups with security or uptime.

Why It Works

We're On Top of It

Having a website go down, or get hacked, is detriment to your business and we want to help avoid that as much as possible.

We'll Troubleshoot Issues

Sometimes things break because of an update. We’ll troubleshoot the causes and work to implement a fix or new solution.

Save Yourself Hours of Aggravation

What could take you hours and hours to solve, might only take us a few minutes. Keep us informed of any issues you find.

You Won't Be in the Dark

You’re not giving up ownership by taking a backseat to the nuances of website maintenance. Monthly reports quickly show you what has been happening without getting into the weeds of it all.


What is website maintenance?

It is a series of routine tasks designed to protect the integrity of your digital asset. Tasks include daily security scans, back-ups, performing needed plugin & theme updates, and troubleshooting issues that might come up.

How much should I pay someone to maintain my website?

The amount could you pay for this service will vary from business to business. We recommend picking a service that handles many of the pain points you’d prefer not to deal with in the day-to-day operation.

How often should you do website maintenance?

At Cobalt Graphics, we complete at all maintenance tasks throughout the month. Some tasks are preformed daily and others are done once a month.

What is an off-site backup?

Off-site backups are copies of your website that are stored separate or independant from the hosting company. This creates greater redundancy and a longer history of backups.

Do I have access to my website backups?

No. However, upon request we can provide you with a download link to the latest backup file.

Is WordPress secure?

We believe that everything is insecure until it is made secure. We employ several tactics to ensure your website has the best defense against brute force attacks or other malicious behavior. No website, regardless of platform, is immune to the threat of being online.

What happens if a plugin update breaks my website?

This can be extremely frustrating, and we do everything we can to quickly troubleshoot the root of the issue. Depending on the severity, we will either engage plugin developers to diagnose and fix the issue, wait for a patch to be released in the next plugin update, or rollback to a previous version that was more stable.

When do I get my summary report?

We send out reports on the first day of every month summarizing the previous 30 days. Reports are delivered as a PDF attached to an email. 

Something is wrong with my website, what do I do?

You’ll submit a ticket detailing the issue that you’re seeing. To help us more quickly resolve what you’re seeing, we ask that you provide screenshots and/or screen recordings walking us step-by-step on how we can replicate the problem.

Tip: Use an incognito or private browsing window to test that old cached files or cookies aren’t part of the issue.