Custom Divi Web Designs

Success Can Be Found In Being Trendy.

Don’t get stuck in the past! Add credibility to your brand with the latest Divi web design trends and best practices.

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How Divi Web Design Works

Continually Impementing Best Web Practices

As new web technology is introduced, it can often be more efficient and replace existing setups. For example, Divi Theme could release a new feature that replaces the need for one or more plugins.

Update/Replace Old Solutions

At times, solutions become obsolete and can erode the quality and stability of your website. These potentially pose as security threats because they are no longer supported.

Redesign Every Few Years

New design trends provide a way for your product or services to be displayed in a whole new way. An opportunity to really evalulate the messaging on the website.

Why It Works

Builds Trust & Crediblity

Staying current with design practices tells website visitors that you are engaged and active with what they are seeing. Your site should not look like it belongs in the ’90s.

Fewer Issues, Better Experience

Switching out the old with the new often results in fewer issues and a much better user experience. Seeking out ongoing improvements can go a long way in getting repeat traffic.

Examples of Different Website Styles


How often should I redesign my website?

With the constant change of web technology and trends, we recommend an evaluation be done every 2-3 years.

How long does a redesign take?

Depends on the size and complexity of the website, but most website builds or redesigns can be completed within a 90 day window. Quick turn-around on requests can greatly speed up a project.

What does a website refresh entail?

Depends on the needs of the website. It could be implementing different plugins that are more effecient and stable at what they do. Theme features and updates could replace the need for several plugins. All of which promotes best web design practices to stay current.

Do you only work with the Divi Theme?

Correct, we only work with the Divi Theme for all the websites we build. We might not be a good fit if you require a different page builder be used. Please contact us to discuss your project.

Do I need to purchase a license to Divi?

Nope! We’ve got your back with a lifetime license.