Data Privacy & Accessibility

Doing the Right Thing Never Felt So Good.

Going the extra mile to describe how visitor data is used, and making the website accessible to every visitor simply means you care about the person, not just the numbers.

Autistic child browsing accessibility enabled website with data privacy

Data Privacy

How Data Privacy Works

Easy to Read Legal Text

The generated text follows the format of typical legal documents, but it is easy to read and understand.

Automatically Updated

As new data privacy laws are introduced, or existing ones are updated, your generated text will automatically reflect those changes to ensure continued compliance.

Privacy Policy, Terms of Service & Disclaimers

These 3 statements will be added to your website on seperate pages. Depending your website and business will determine what is included in each.

Accept/Decline Cookie Notice

This is not required for every website. Depending on the type of information you’re collecting, or tracking software you’re using, a Cookie Notice tool will be provided to allow website visitors the ablity to disable certain code snippets.

Why Data Privacy Works

Doesn't Require a Legal Team

You can avoid expensive legal fees to have something professionally drafted, in addition to any updates that might be needed as laws change. 

Specific to Your Business

This is a not a generic statement, but crafted based on specifics related to your business, products/services, and tools you use to process sales or monitor interactions with your website.

Required by Law

Many places are requiring that businesses include data privacy statements as part of their compliance. 

Avoid Expensive Lawsuits

Internet Trolls look for websites that fail to disclose how data is used and will file a lawsuit against the business for such ommissions. You could owe $7,500/visitor if found guilty.


How Accessibility Works

Strive for WCAG 2.1 AA Compliance

A set of guidelines that govern the International standard for website accessiblity. Learn more about WCAG standards.

Users With Motor Impairments

Keyboard only or voice assisted navigation is really important for these users because they are unable to use a mouse or trackpad to interact with the website.

Users with Visual Impairments

Users who are blind, have difficulty seeing clearly, or are color blind require a combination of high contrast colors and screen reading capability to see the website.

Users with Deafness

This refers to the videos displayed on your website. Videos should have subtitles included to achieve WCAG standards. (Note: We do not provide subtitling services)

Website Accessibility Widget

Using a 3rd-party service, a widget will be placed on the website to allow users to manipulate the website in ways that suitable for them.

Why Accessibility Works

Website Accessibility Statement

This statement includes information about what is being done to achieve accessibility standards, known limitations with potential work-arounds, and how to contact someone if new issues are found.

Better Keyboard Only Navigation

This often includes being able to tab between links on a page, with a border highlighting the active link. Websites that do not support this limit one’s ability to navigate your website.

Screen Readers Can Be More Accurate

With extra details like image alt-text and aria-labels on forms make it easier for screenreaders to accuratly describe what is being viewed on a page.

Even More Control

While we try to do all we can to make a website more user friendly, it is difficult to accommodate every situation. Using 3rd-party accessibility widgets allow visitors to customize their experience while using the site.


What if I already have a Privacy Policy?

Great! You’re welcome to continue using that instead of our generator. The responsiblity will be on you to ensure that it complies with current data privacy laws that might affect you.

Is it possible to change any generated text for accuracy?

Absolutley. We can edit anything that is generated as you see fit. Just let us know what changes need to be made and we’ll make it happen.

How come my site doesn't have an "Accept Cookies" button?

The requirement for this depends on the type of data your collecting and the places your visitors come from. If we have already generated these pages for you, and there is no cookie policy, it means you’re in the clear.  

Does this satisfy any GDPR requirements?

Yes! When generating these pages for you, we’ll ask if you’re doing business in Europe, Canada, and/or Australia to ensure that compliance is met for these different countries.

Someone told me about an accessibility issue. What do I do?

That’s great they reached out. Let them know that you’ll pass the finding along to your web development team for review and implementation.

What is data privacy examples?

Data privacy encompasses anything that could reasonably identify a website visitor, or track their movement on a website. What you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how you intend to use that information must be disclosed. With the option for visitors to request deletion of any collected data. You can see our Privacy Policy as an example of what is expected to comply with data privacy laws.

Why is data privacy important?

For many years, businesses of all shapes and sizes would collect information about users without disclosing any detail of their intent. Govements have started enforcing laws to protect individuals from businesses taking unfair advantage. A business that fails to comply with data privacy laws and be fined thousands of dollars per website visitor for damages.

What is accessibility for a website?

In short, it is an effort that allows and provides a better experience for disabled visitors to use your website without roadblocks. The goal is to have vistors with motor or visual imparment experience the website at a level that is on par with any other regular visitor.

How do I make my website accessibility?

There are several technical aspects that your web developer will be responsible for. However, as a business owner, you can make changes to your brand and style guide to be more accommodating. Color contrast is a really big issue for websites and you can use this tool to determine proper contrast of your color scheme.

What are some accessibility features of a website?

There are features that aid screen readers to accurately convey what is on the web page. For example: Alt-text on images, aria lables on form fields, intuitive keyboard tab navigation, and proper color contrast.

Testing your website with an accessiblity tool can expose areas where improvments can be made.