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Cheery Kitchen is a fantastic food blog with mouth watering images. We still believe that the images alone make this site irresistable!  

Cheery Kitchen was struggling with their blog format as they were trying to showcase many types of food and other how-to posts that everything was just getting lost. 

We created a new site that was easier for them to use and format their own posts as needed for greater creativity. To this day – we are yet to see a client more excited about these changes come through for them to use.


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Cheery Kitchen After Website Screenshot

Website Package

The Blogger


Magazine Style Blog

We implemented a magazine style website using Elegant Theme’s Extra theme to make this possible. This allowed to easily showcase several categories on the home page and feature specific posts so they have greater empahsis. 

In addition – we implemented auto-posting to social media profiles so they wouldn’t have to schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for the same posts. 

Additional Packages


Maintenance & Security


Logo Design Package

Standard Setup Features


Google Analytics Integration

Free web analytics service provided by Google that tracks and generates reports on your website traffic.


Email Marketing Integration

Making it easier to collect email addresses of loyal site fans to send emails containing ads, requests to buy and brand awareness.


Social Share Buttons

Encourage site visitors to share your content with their friends using social share buttons of all the popular social networks.


Custom Design Layout

Every one of our sites are custom designed to match the brand and needs of the business.


Alison & Renee

Cobalt Graphics has been a dream to work with. As a food blog we had a hard time being distinguished from other blogs until we met up with Dustin. Cobalt Graphics was able to offer us the newest themes and how to use them to the maximum ability. Cobalt Graphics knew what we needed and was able to help us.

At the beginning Cobalt Graphics talked to us and asked us what we wanted out of our website. Dustin had the perfect theme for our websites. Once we made the decision to move forward there was literally no worry after that moment. Dustin was able to transform our blog into what it is now. The theme was easy to use and to learn. Dustin checks in with us continually asking if there is anything we need or anything he can do to fix our blog. Anytime we need technical help he is available and able to answer our questions or to find the answers for us. We have chosen to pay the additional maintenance and security package and we have had virtually no problems at all with our website. We trust him and have been extremely happy with Cobalt Graphics.