How do I edit my content with the Divi Visual Builder?

Quickly and easily edit the content of your website using the Divi Builder. We’ll walk through how to do most of this on your own, but just in case you get stuck and need a quick reference to get you going again:

Overview of Divi Sections


This is a tutorial on the blue Divi sections and the different options available when using them.

Tutorial by Elegant Themes

Divi Rows & Row Options


This is a tutorial on the green Divi rows and the different options available when using them.

Tutorial by Elegant Themes

Divi Modules


A list of all the different modules and you can take advantage of each one.

Tutorials by Elegant Themes

What can I do to make SEO better on my website?

There are a lot of little things that go into having really good SEO for a website, however, here are some easy, basic, things you can to create a good SEO foundation for your new website:

How can I take better pictures for my website?

Whether you’re selling your own product or taking pictures of your staff, we’ve got some tips and suggestions to help you amp up the quality of your photos with some inexpensive gear.

How do I get started with email marketing?

Creating an email list for your email marketing efforts is still one of the most successful strategies in online marketing. We like using MailChimp, and it’s a great platform to get started with. Here are some quick videos to help you get setup:

Mail Chimp

We like to use MailChimp for all our email marketing endeavors. Easily collect email addresses to contact your loyal fans.

Click here MailChimp

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