Divi•Wordpress Partner

Sound familiar?
Are you looking to expand your business with increased revenue streams by offering Divi WordPress websites?
Are old, out-of-date, websites preventing you from delivering 100% of your best marketing services?
Are you tired of out-sourcing your WordPress website needs to someone who doesn’t understand Divi?
Look no further! We’re your premiere Divi theme WordPress White Label service.

Streams Easily

Our Divi WordPress White Label service makes it possible for you to offer Website Design & Development to your clients without the need to invest in creating a team and staff training.

We have the team and all the Divi-Know-How already in place to take care of your website projects.

What Is White Label?

White labeling is when we remove our logo/branding from the end product and replace it with yours.

When you partner with Cobalt Graphics to take care of your Divi website & development needs, we become your in-house website design, development and consulting team! We’ll even represent your business while working on client projects.

The final result — you get all the credit and the project goes in your portfolio. Not to mention you’ve maximized client retention and business growth.

Your Brand
Sells the website to your client.

Our Team
Builds that website under your brand.

The Challenges You’re Dealing WIth

Having been in the business for years, we understand the struggles that most agencies and freelancers go through when outsourcing their WordPress & Divi theme projects.



Working with developers from all over the world comes with language barriers, big time-zone differences and other gaps that delay answers to questions and overall progress.

We are based in the United States (MST), speak fluent English, and work really hard to make sure you are up-to-date and deadlines met.


Project Management

Working with outsourced developers, you have to closely manage the project to make sure it doesn’t go beyond the scope.

Not with a partner like us! We work with you from beginning to end to scope the project, look for red flags, and even help you manage the project in your own project management system.

The Challenges You’re Dealing WIth

Just a few of the many reasons you’ll benefit from partnering with Cobalt Graphics for Divi White Label Services


Get Caught Up

Is your business growing faster than you can keep up with? Is your backlog more than 30 days out?

Then we are the solution you’re looking for to help you get caught up and get projects delivered.


Close More Deals

A lot of agencies, consultants, and coaches know that by including a website as one of their service offerings will help close more deals.

With Cobalt Graphics, you sell the website and we’ll build it for you.


Increase Revenue

Increase your overall revenue by adding another set of services that your business provides – becoming more of that one-stop-shop.

By partnering with us, you’ll be able to confidently offer website design and development services your clients can take advantage of.


Quick & Easy New Websites

Stop spending your extra time on the research and development of each new website.

As a white label partner, websites can be built faster and more efficiently because we have everything in place to create WordPress websites in record time.


Customer Retention

Your clients will need a website and there is no need to send them somewhere else when you can meet their needs.

Offering existing clients new services is a lot more lucrative than the cost of new client acquisition.


Divi Solutions

Developing any website from scratch can take a decent amount of time to research and then implement.

Since we work with Divi everyday, we already know which solutions are out there and which ones work the best.


Focused Specialties

Our specialty is building WordPress websites using the Divi theme – and it always will be. While we take care of that, you can focus on your clients and the things you’re good at.

WordPress Experts

With as great as WordPress is, it has quirks and random issues that can suck a ton of time out your day trying to resolve them. However, we’re here to help with those issues as we’ve seen A LOT and have learned where to look and what to do to get a website back on track.

Partner With Cobalt Graphics

For All You Divi Design & Development Needs

Cobalt Graphics is your WordPress and Divi Guru Expert, and who wants to partner with you so you can raise the bar and take your business to the next level.

Your Primary Point of Contact

Don’t feel overwhelmed thinking that hiring a White Label service means you’re going to have to interact with all these different people to get a single project done.

We like to keep things simple.

And we like it (actually, we love it) when our partners are successful because of the work we do for them.

Dustin is here to help ensure that:

  • You succeed
  • Have a great reputation
  • Have someone to help scope out website projects
  • Feel like you have someone working right along side you
  • Have your clients stoked about the end result

For Projects of All Sizes – We’ve got you covered



We’ve built several websites using the WooCommerce solution with just a single product to 10,000+. We not only know what is involved to put something like this to together, but also the best way of managing an online store.

Interface With Your Clients

Our team is your team! We can represent your business on sales calls or even for customer support needs via email, phone, or video calls when you need that extra voice to give the client needed assurance and the best experience.

Project Tracking

Although we use our own system, we make sure that make project updates in our Partner’s system as well.

Custom Development

As the project requires, we can custom code in needed features or plugins to meet the needs of your client’s website.

Who is this for?
The Challenges You’re Dealing WIth

Here are some of the many industries that are finding a White label service beneficial to the growth of their business




Divi Freelancers


IT Services


Marketing Agencies




Web Design Agencies


Content Providers


SEO Consultants

Lance – Duo Marketing Group

Lance – Duo Marketing Group

Managing Partner

I would like to take this opportunity to write on behalf of the work Cobalt Graphics has done for Duo Marketing Group. Over the last couple of years, they have helped transform our web development program. They are highly professional and extremely reliable. Their work goes above and beyond expectations. Cobalt Graphics is a company I would definitely recommend for any web development projects.