The WordPress Toolbar is a great feature that inspires convenience and ease of use when working on your website.

By default, the WordPress toolbar is set to show up on the front-end of your website once you have logged into your account. The toolbar provides common quick-action links for popular tasks when working on your site.

The most popular of tasks, or should we say – the most used link, is the “Edit Page” button. Rather than being forced to find your way back to the dashboard, load the list of pages or posts, find the page/post you need to edit, and then start editing – all of those steps are skipped because of the WordPress Toolbar’s “Edit Page” button.

The WordPress Toolbar can be toggled on or off based on user preferences, but there are no other customizations you can make to it. However, some plugins you install will add to what is already on the Toolbar for quick-action links of their own… but you cannot personalize the toolbar to include what you want it to have.

You might be able to find a plugin that allows for such modification of the WordPress Toolbar, however, our word of caution to you is to avoid installing random free plugins that alter such a core piece of the WordPress platform. Considering buying a premium plugin for this if you truly need it so that you have guaranteed support and functionality that doesn’t compromise the integrity of your website.