1. Make (something) simpler or easier to understand.

I can’t think of something that I want more than to make my life, my work, to be uncomplicated, to be simpler: to simplify . Here is how I accomplish a little less stress in my work day by simplifying:

Create Simple Space

What would make this day and every day ideal? Create a map of what that looks like to you and do it. You will quickly find that organization in your daily routine creates extra space. Extra space of time brings less stress and a happier day. It cultivates productivity and creativity. A simple map of what the ideal work day looks like will help you reach that more often.

Simplify Clutter

Use only what you need, this goes for meetings in your schedule. How many meetings have you attended that were time wasters where nothing was accomplished? Eliminate them! They are clutter and need to redirected to better use of space and time. Take a hard look at which meetings are necessary and what meetings can be taken care of through email with delegation and follow through. Making better use of your time will eliminate that extra clutter in your work day. Simplify and get to the root of what needs discussed. Focus on the action items to accomplish the goals and do them. Ask yourself the question, “Will this help the bottom line of revenue?” And only do what will change the bottom line. Keep it simple and focus on what is important.

Love Where You Are, Make it Simple

Make your office space a place you can relax. Bring those comforts from home and surround yourself with peace. Photos, a favorite chair, a candle, decor, whatever it takes to make your environment a place you can relax. Take time for yourself even in the midst of busy hectic schedules in the office. You will be a better employee, a better manager, a better business owner if you take the time to take care of yourself.

Unplug and Simplify

You can’t always be connected. Take time for you, for your family, for your sanity if nothing else. Unplugging and taking the time to do things for yourself really does make a difference. Exercise, work on a hobby, spend time with those you care most about and let your mind relax. But take time away from work and nurture those things that get set aside all to often.