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Hancock, LLC came back to us after completing their Soloasis website to build another website for another product of their’s that they have been selling on Amazon. 

The major requirement for this site was that it needed to take orders on its own and detract from sending people to Amazon. The end goal was and still is to gain control over the customer buying experience and resulting revenue by keeping them on the website to complete their purchase. 

Another major role this site will play is educating people on how the Litcessory product works and the best ways to use it for any DIY project.

New Website

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Website Package

The Business Owner


Shopping Cart

Litcessory requested that we build in a custom shopping cart that allowed site visitors to complete the transaction without ever leaving the website. We’ve integrated into their PayPal, Tax Jar, and Amazon accounts for smoother checkout. We also setup custom shipping cost preferences based on the number of items in the cart and the cart total. 

Additinal Packages


Maintenance & Security


Logo Design Package

Standard Setup Features


Google Analytics Integration

Free web analytics service provided by Google that tracks and generates reports on your website traffic.


Email Marketing Integration

Making it easier to collect email addresses of loyal site fans to send emails containing ads, requests to buy and brand awareness.


Social Share Buttons

Encourage site visitors to share your content with their friends using social share buttons of all the popular social networks.


Custom Design Layout

Every one of our sites are custom designed to match the brand and needs of the business.