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When Dr. Lesh came to us, he was extremely frustrated with his current website and the team that was hired to build it. He said to us, “I won’t even make a list of everything that’s wrong with it because you’ll find that out all on your own pretty quickly.”

So we set out to build him a new website that had a fresh and modern design – all with the understanding that Dr. Lesh and his staff would be interested in updating and maintaining it themselves once we were done.

The Dream Dentistry team is thrilled with their new website and believe it’ll be a better experience for anyone who comes to visit their site now.



Website Package

The Blogger



Dream Dentistry is very engaged online with regular social media postings and wanted to expand their reach even further by having a blog with more detailed content of what they are sharing online.

Additinal Packages


+ Additional Pages Addon


Logo Design Package

Standard Setup Features


Google Analytics Integration

Free web analytics service provided by Google that tracks and generates reports on your website traffic.


Email Marketing Integration

Making it easier to collect email addresses of loyal site fans to send emails containing ads, requests to buy and brand awareness.


Social Share Buttons

Encourage site visitors to share your content with their friends using social share buttons of all the popular social networks.


Custom Design Layout

Every one of our sites are custom designed to match the brand and needs of the business.