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Casey Dawn Photography had an exisiting photography site on WordPress – but was feeling desperate to have a new look done to present her photos to potential clients. 

She provided a design mockup that we based the new site on and then worked with her on site structure and framework to showcase her best work and preferred photoshoots. 

We once we nailed down the design, we templated the design so she could easily replicate blog posts and switch out images and text with each new addition to the blog roll. 


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Casey Dawn has a photography site, but needed a cleaner and more professional way to share her picture gallery. With each blog post that makes it on her site is automatically posted to her Facebook fan page to streamline and automate the process of getting her work noticed on Facebook.

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Every one of our sites are custom designed to match the brand and needs of the business.


Casey A.

Cobalt Graphics has worked on two websites for me (Casey Dawn Photo & Vioguard) and Dustin was great! He was always available for questions, customized different things to fit my needs and was very patient. I loved that he was willing to take the time to make sure that I could do things myself for future changes to the site. I would highly recommend working with Cobalt Graphics.