Logo Design Package

Great for new businesses, and existing business needing a complete refresh.
We gather as much input from you as possible (colors, look, feel, etc) and go to work creating several variations for your to review. With your input, we narrow down several logo options to the perfect one that reflects your brand.



Our is to provide as much variety as possible when design your new logo. Especially if you’re not entirely sure what you think would look good – you just know you need a logo.

Design Process


Step One

We discuss what you want in your new logo. Colors. Graphics. Style. Etc.


Step Two

We go to work. Taking everything we understand about what you’re looking for, we create 20+ logo versions. This step takes about a week.


Step Three

We share with you all of the logos we’ve come up with. We give you some guidelines on how to go through them and provide feedback.


Step Four

Revisions are made to the logos you provided feedback on.


Step Five

We go through Steps 3 & 4 until we’ve narrowed down the logo into a single design and make revisions on just the one.


Step Six

Your logo is complete and exactly what you want because represents your brand perfectly.

You Get the Working Files

Once your logo is finalized, we’ll send over the working files for you to have. That way you have the different file types for all the different ways you might want to use your logo. Things like shirts, signs, notepads, etc.