WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to manage your site’s content and functionality through the amazing WordPress Admin Dashboard.

WordPress has gained a lot of steam and adoption because of their standardized platform regardless of themes or plugins you might use on your website. Although it is standardized, there is still a slight learning curve in becoming familiar with everything is and how it all works together.

In our overview video here, we walk you through the most commonly used areas of the dashboard. Depending on the role of your user account, you will see more or less than what you see in the video. As an admin, you’ll see everything and have the ability to change everything and anything you see.

The parts that we will walk through in our overview videos are ares that are available to all user roles.

Speaking of user roles, I’ll highlight really quick a benefit you might appreciate as a website owner. The bigger your site grows, the more people you’ll have involved to accomplish various tasks. Whether it’s writing content, editing content, managing store orders, etc – you can identifies roles that will give certain permissions to these individuals so they don’t get involved more than they should. Then, when the time comes and they are no longer apart of what you have going on… you simply delete their account and they no longer have access to the backend of the site.

This is awesome!

While this is our overview, we hope that it helps you feel a little more comfortable in using WordPress on your own without the need to constantly reach out to your developer to make changes. Depending on the specific setup of your site, there might be slight changes to the way things are done.

If you’re looking for a web designer you can trust and would like some help getting your website back on top, reach out to us, we’d love to chat with you some more about what you have going on.