There are a few steps you will need to complete in order to continue tracking stats in Google Analytics when you add an SSL certificate to a website and begin tracking https instead of HTTP.

We have been hearing so much about adding SSL certificates to your website that in the frenzy you may have forgotten (or not realized) that you need to let Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools know that you have made the switch or they won’t deliver accurate data.

The process of letting Google know we are tracking https, and not HTTP is simple, but there is one bit that always makes me nervous – you will need to delete the HTTP version in your webmaster tools.  I am delete phobic.  I have only lost one site due to deleting (thank you Web Archive, I was able to recover a LOT of info).  Even though I have been at this a while and I have never lost anything “forever”, when it comes to something like a clients analytic’s I like a little reassurance that I am not going to mess things up.

Which I why I brought in Andrew to walk me through the steps and I recorded the call so you can see that it really is super easy and straight forward.

In under ten minutes, you will have executed the task, crossed it off your To Do List and have called me a baby.

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If you are keen to learn all about getting your website search engine ready, have a look at the course Andrew is offering on the topic.

PS If there is anything you want to learn, feel free to drop me a note.  I am happy to turn your question into a post.