A few years back I launched a website for a client in the morning.  At lunch I was getting frantic text messages: I have been searching for my keyword in Google and I don’t see my website!

Clearly I hadn’t done much in the way of expectation management.  What is realistic?  There are loads of factors, but today I have an infographic for you, which is much easier and more fun to read then a whole big long thing.

If SEO is important (and if it isn’t, it should be, I highly suggest you have a look at this course which shows you the proper way to set up the All in One SEO plugin and a primer on keywords and on page optimization.

It is my suggestion that you strongly consider long tail keywords when writing out your meta descriptions.  It may be tough to rank for primary keywords (something like dentist in Boston), but you may have much better luck for lesser searched terms (periodontist in Little Town).

How long does it usually take your sites to rank for primary and secondary keywords, let me know in the comments below.