Each day I wake up with a routine, a list mind you of things I do each and every day before I walk out the door.  This consists of showering, eating breakfast, feeding the dog, meditating, etc.  I do these to keep my day organized, but more importantly for my health.  It’s a daily reminder that a good routine with solid foundations is just good for my health.  It sets the tone of my day, it puts my attitude in check, and it eases the stress and burdens that pile up all to quickly.  A routine is how I stay organized.

If a daily routine is good for your health, then so is a daily routine good for your website, your business, your work.  But what does that daily routine look like?  Where do you even begin with building a daily routine for success?  What is the best routine for you?

Healthy Body – A Daily Routine and Setting a Schedule

In my experience from corporate office settings, to small business ownership many things are different but one thing I found common with both is the need for setting boundaries and sticking to schedules.  I like to spend my first hour working clearing my e-mail.  It gives me an opportunity right out of the gate to respond to those who need my attentions, it gives me an opportunity to see where my time is most needed and it gives me balance in what is most important. Starting my day with 1 hour to focus on all my projects allows me to get a good feel for where the rest of the day will land.  To me, this gives me the focus and outlook that I need to really accomplish all that needs done without distractions.

Maybe your business doesn’t revolve around emails but focuses more on employees, and the physical work behind the scenes.  For me, my day would still take this hour to touch base with all those employees to see where they are with their own projects.  To learn what else needed to be done to keep them on schedule and focused for completion.  Regardless of what time of business you have or are apart of, it’s important to have a simple routine, a routine that builds success.

Healthy Website – A Scheduled Routine Maintenance

I work with websites, it’s vital for me and for my business to make sure my website is running smoothly. It’s also vital that my clients websites are running smoothly. Just like a car needs oil changes, tires rotated, and gas in the tank, your website also needs routine maintenance. It’s smarter to slow down and sharpen the blade than to push the saw until it breaks and have to get a new blade. Your website is the same way, a simple routine will keep your Custom WordPress website running smoothly. You as a business owner can do this on your own, you can also hire someone to do it for you. Cobalt Graphics is here to help with our affordable maintenance and security package to ensure your website will run smoothly and last a lifetime.

Our monthly inspections check for viruses, update plug-ins and website themes. We can also monitor and update your websites SEO for best ranking in Google Searches. What we offer is a simple routine to help you be the best business owner, the best employee, the best you can be!