The Process

If this is your first time working with a web designer – don’t worry! It’s not that scary. To make everything go as smooth, and quick, as possible – we’ll be following this process from the start of your project, all the way to the end.

Gather Content

This is the biggest, most important, step! Content.
We need these pieces from you:

Logo File

Login Info





Brand Guide

If Available

File Sharing

As you’re pulling everything together in Step One, we’ll need to put it in a place everyone can get to it and easily update with new files.

We like to use GoogleDrive or DropBox for all of our file sharing needs. You let us know which one you prefer and we’ll create the shared folder.

Design Process

Designing a website, no matter how big or small, is an extensive process as there are a lot of little details that make using the site a great experience for you, and your site visitors.

Design & Layout
A large and time consuming part of designing a new website is in layout, structure, and visual appeal. We’ll setup the framework of the website and send over the homepage and one sub-page (or more upon request) for approval.

Once the site structure and design are approved – we’ll move forward designing the rest of the pages, functionality, and responsive code. Making sure your site works as good as it looks on  all popular screens sizes and web browsers.

Revisions & Edits

When we believe we have the site ready for final review, you’ll have a chance to go through each page and provide feedback. We can make detailed edits until the site is revised completely to your liking.

Wrapping Up & Going Live!

Once the design process is complete – we’re ready to go live!! We’ll start this last step as soon as you give us the green light of approval.

Before we go live, all unnecessary plugins, pages, images, and backend files will be removed. The new site will be backed up locally should it ever need to be restored. Once it’s live, please allow 24-48 hours to pass for propagation to occur and for the world wide web to recognize that your new site has come online.

Once everything looks good, we’ll send over your website login credentials. Please save all logins for your records as well.

You’ll receive a link to my “Moving Forward” page where we’ve got some tips and tricks for you on how to market your website and information on our Maintenance & Security Package.

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