Common Questions


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What is WordPress?
Wordpress is a Content Management System (CMS) that is built on the security and reliability of HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, and AJAX. More importantly than that, it is has a quick learning curve and is easy to use.
Is WordPress easy to use?
Yes! It’s what makes WordPress so popular. Once you get the hang of where things are at, you’ll be flying through menus like nobody’s business.
Is WordPress Secure?
Yes! The creators of WordPress – Automattic – employ 25+ experts to make sure the core of WordPress is protected from viruses, injects, and attacks.
Will my site be mobile friendly?
Yes! All of our websites are mobile friendly and resize automatically to fit in any sized browser.
What is a plugin?
Plugins are much like apps you would find for your phone to allow you to do something specific.
Are Plugins Free?
Some plugins can be free and work great depending on what you’re needing them for. We recommend paying for premium plugins if the feature plays a primary role on the website. This way you have access to tech support should something go wrong with the plugin.
Do I have to choose the plugins?
Nope! We have standard set of plugins we use that work well with eachother. If you need additional plugins for your site, we’ll offer recommendations of what we think will be best options.
What WordPress theme will I have?
At Cobalt Graphics, we like to use the Divi and Extra theme that come loaded with the Divi Builder from
Do you host my site?
No. We encourage all of our clients to provide their own hosting. This simply adds another layer of control you have over your site. If you don’t have a host, or want a new one, we have recommendations of hosting companies we think do a pretty good job at what they do.
Do you setup email addresses?
Yes. We’d be happy to setup email address for you. All we need to know is how you prefer to access that email address (Outlook, Apple Mail, Web Browser, etc).