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What is an eCommerce website?

It’s the activity of buying or selling products and services online. eCommerce websites are designed to make it easy for visitors to find products and purchase them through your website. Brick & Mortar stores are not required if you want to have an eCommerce website.

Which eCommerce platform works with WordPress?

There are many solutions to solve this, however, we recommend WooCommerce for all eCommerce website needs. It’s free, with paid functionality upgrades to achieve business-specific needs so that your website spends more time working for you than the other way around.

Our Design Process
The Challenges You’re Dealing WIth

Know Exactly What to Expect, No Surprises From Start to Finish, When It Comes To Building Your New Website

Design & Layout

Here we’ll create the site structure and establish a design based on your brand and content.


Once you have approved the design, we will move onto developing the needed functionality.

Tweaks & Revisions

Before going live with your new site, you’ll have the opportunity to review everything.

Going Live

With your approval, we prepare your new site to go live and submit it to search engines.

For An eCommerce Website

eCommerce websites have many of thee same pages other websites do, but we add additional functionality to have dynamic pages for the Shop, Individual products, Accounts and the ability for customers to manage their orders. We can also create attractive landing pages to highlight specific products for use with marketing ads.


Every website needs a home page. It’s often the first page visitors land on.

About Us

Use this page tell visitors more about your company and what you stand for.


Make it easy for visitors to contact you and find location hours and directions.


This is where the small print goes, letting website visitors know what to expect when using your site.

Customer Account

Allow customers to create their own account where they can manage orders and other data.


Display all of your products on a single page. Making it easy for customers to sort, filter, and more.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are great for marketing ads and directing customers to current promotions.


Help customers quickly understand and get answers to common questions that are asked.

Partner With Cobalt Graphics

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Cobalt Graphics is your WordPress and Divi Guru Expert, and who wants to partner with you so you can raise the bar and take your business to the next level.

Your Primary Point of Contact

Don’t feel overwhelmed thinking that hiring a web design agency means you’re going to have to interact with all these different people to get a single project done.

We like to keep things simple.

And we like it (actually, we love it) when our website owners are successful because of the work we do for them.

Our priorities are:

  • Your success
  • How you can showcase your product or service in a whole new way to your customers.
  • You feel like you have someone working right along side you.
  • You feel less stressed about your website.
  • Your stoked about the end result!

Types of eCommerce Sites
The Challenges You’re Dealing WIth


Online Shop


Online Courses





Who is this for?
The Challenges You’re Dealing WIth


Drop Shipping


Proprietary Products


Community Sites


Event Organizers


Brick & Mortars


Subscription Services




Subscription Products

Have a question about a specific feature or capability?

Contact us and we’d be happy to discuss all that is possible to meet your business needs and requirements for a successful eCommerce website.

Cobalt Graphics Client - Car Bras
Ken -

Ken -


The Cobalt team put together some great ideas for us and ideally built us a functional informative e-commerce website. Dustin quoted us a timeframe that it would take to build the complete website and he was spot-on. From start to finish it was less than four months before we had a live working site.

In the last 20 years we have spent three to four times the amount of money to develop half the site that Cobalt Graphics built us. Not only was the amount we paid for this site extremely reasonable but the service has been fantastic. Over the last six to eight months we have added new products and features to our website that Dustin built. When we present a new idea to him he got on it right away added it to the website at a very reasonable fee and within a few days it was done.