To add a new page using WordPress is extremely easy. There are a couple of ways you can add a new page.

1. From the WordPress Admin bar on the front end of the site, hover over “New” and click on: Page
1. From the backend of the site, on the left hand side, hover over Pages and select: Add New

2. Add a Page Title

  • The permalink is created based on the page title you enter
  • If no title is entered, WordPress is created a generated permalink
  • You can edit the slug/url by clicking on the edit button. Keep everything lower case and uses dashes (-) in place of spaces

3. Add your content into the text field

  • You can add your own HTML and inline CSS. Keep in mind, WordPress automatically adds basic html structure such as your paragraph tags and no-break-spaces.
  • If you use a content builder – such as: Divi Builder or Visual Builder – then enable that feature and add your content using that.

4. Add Media to your content area by clicking on the “Add Media” button. This will bring up your media library to easily insert existing content, or upload new content for your page.

  • Be sure to include ALT TAG information for a better SEO score

5. Fill out the YoastSEO information for the post.
Note: This requires you to download and install the YoastSEO plugin

6. Page Revisions
You can access previous versions of the page under the “Publish” section of the page once it is published.

7. Additional Publishing Options

  • Schedule a time when the page or post is published for public viewing
  • Set privacy of the page once it is published
  • Toggle between Draft, Review, and Published

8. Creating a post is done the same way
Create in a post is done the same way. You might have some post specific features or settings, but largely it’s setup the same way.