You’ve heard of WordPress and here are the 9 reasons why you should use WordPress for your small business needs.  At Cobalt Graphics we have used WordPress countless times with our clients finding great value in it’s ease of use and what it offers to their business needs.

1. Work Faster

The foundation of WordPress jump starts any project I do inside of WordPress. Whether I’m building a new website, creating a new page, or writing a new post… WordPress takes care of the essentials and basics so I can focus on the content and creativity of what I’m doing.

Nothing slows me down faster than making sure I have all my <html> tags in place and that they end </html> where they should.

Beyond even that though, I don’t have maintain a template structure and functionality that supports the latest web technologies and security protocols. Which makes me very grateful that WordPress is Open Source and there is an entourage of amazing people who dedicate their careers to making sure WordPress is as secure as it is today. If it were me, I’d would have called it a day long before I would be able to get to the creative part of the job for my various clients and their array of needs.

2. It’s Secure

To go off of the last point just a little bit. There needs to be a little more importance placed upon just how secure WordPress is. I’m not convinced that casual users fully understand or simply appreciate all of the steps that have been taken to makes sure that we can use an administrative backend and keep unauthorized access where it needs to be.

You know WordPress is doing it’s job when you can say that your site, and your server, have yet to fall victim of a malicious attack. You only become aware of vulnerabilities when you’ve lost all of your hard work.

The developers of WordPress continue to improve the platform to meet industry standards and defend against the latest hacking techniques. Even with that said though, it’s not perfect. There are still flaws in the armor when there is only so much that can be done to counteract the carelessness of website owners. Read more about how your Admin Account is Dangerous.

3. Plugins! Love plugins

What are plugins you ask? Plugins basically add and extend functionality to your WordPress site to have specific features. For example, you want social share buttons on your site? There’s a plugin for that. Want to sell products on your site? There’s a plugin for that.
It’s a lot like the AppStore on your smartphone as we know it today. Whatever you want to do, there’s most likely an app for it. The same goes for your WordPress site. If there is something you want it to do, there’s most likely a plugin for that.

However, there are a few things you need to understand about plugins before you run off and start downloading everything in sight that sounds fun.

Plugins Pitfalls

1. Is the plugin maintained regularly. A lot of the plugins you find for free were developed on someone’s free time. Check to see when the last time the plugin was updated because it will give you an idea how active the developer is. The last thing you want is to download a plugin that has bugs and errors and worst of all, doesn’t support your current version of WordPress.

2. Avoid plugins that overlap in features. If you get to many plugins trying to control a certain aspect of your site, you’ll start to see conflicts and problems. Your site will break and you’ll wonder what on earth happened and why it’s not working. The #1 Troubleshooting suggestion when it comes to resolving WordPress errors is disable all of your plugins and then install them one by one to help isolate where the problem is.

3. Premium plugins are going to work. There are a lot of great plugins you don’t have to pay for that work AWESOME on your site. But, depending on the main focus of your site, I suggest that you pay for a premium plugin so that you have tech support and the best features on your site. Especially if you expect to make money on your site… don’t skimp on user experience because you need them to come back.

4. User Reviews. Just like on Amazon, take time to read a few reviews on the plugins you’re interested in to get an idea of user experience and any known problems. If recent reviews reveal nothing but issues, probably back away and keep looking for another plugin.

4. SEO Ready

If you’re going to play in the online world, you’ve got to play the game. The game is called SEO and Google continues to change the rules. It can be frustrating, but WordPress does it’s best to get the core elements of SEO in place so that your site and content can be found in an organic search.

However, it’s never going to be enough to simply use WordPress to get noticed out in the World Wide Web. There are a lot of best practices out there to help aid you in this, and there are even plugins that are dedicated to SEO services. To get an idea of what’s important when it comes to SEO, take a look at this SEO article.

5. Easy to Use

Some might argue WordPress isn’t as easy as everyone else makes it out to be. However, compared to the alternative of coding every aspect of your content and then writing the CSS to style it sounds a lot harder than using WordPress.

To write an article for your site or post a picture to your site, you’re basically using a word processor designed to work within the limitations of what HTML and CSS can handle on a typical page. There will be a learning curve when it comes to knowing where things are and how to get them to display on the page.

However, there are a couple of premium plugin options to make page layout and content creation so much easier using drag-n-drop modules that come with increased options for design.
1. Visual Composer – $34
This is not my favorite, I’ll be honest, but it’s popular and can hold it’s own.

2. Divi Builder – $69
This one’s a lot more compared to the other. However, you gain access to all of Elegant Theme’s plugins and themes for that price. Which is a steal because you’re getting so much more than just the Divi Builder. And personally, I much prefer this interface over Visual Composer.

6. It’s Scalable

That’s right. WordPress can grow with you and keep up with your blog, business, or whatever your venture might be. There are some BIG names that are using WordPress as their content management system (CMS) of choice. I don’t know about you, but I think that says a lot that there is enough trust in implement a WordPress solution for solutions that receive a lot of traffic every day.

While the platform is scalable, it’s important to know that your current hosting company probably isn’t and won’t be able to handle your future traffic load. Shared hosting is inexpensive and does the job in the early going. Eventually, you’ll need to migrate to a host that is dedicating to hosting WordPress sites that need 24/7 peak performance. And, yes, those are expensive solutions that often are around $100/month. If you’re considering a hosting solution like that, hopefully you’re making money on your site to justify any expense it incurs.

If you feel that you’re ready to make the jump to such great hosting, I recommend these guys over at

7. Lots of Support

If there is any saving grace to be had, that’s the vast amount of support available to solve any WordPress problem you run up against. WordPress has been around for over a decade and millions of sites running the CMS.

In other words, there probably isn’t anything you’re experiencing that hasn’t been seen before and solved. Just googling the error or description of what you’re seeing will generate several results related to that with solutions that have worked. That’s pretty impressive!

Further more, if you’re problem resides inside of a premium plugin or theme that you bought, they provide their own support for that product too!

If you’re going to try your hand at managing your own site, this should be a great peace of mind knowing that while you know enough to be dangerous… there are people who know more and have been willing to help out.

Just pay it forward and share your solutions where you can and help someone else in need.

8. Stay Fresh

Just like our clothes, WordPress themes have design trends that come in and out of fashion. What looked cool 5 years ago makes you look like a Grandparent today. Dated. Setting your ways.

The beauty of WordPress is that you can upload different and newer themes to your site easily. All of your content remains and with the click of a button, your site takes on a whole new look. This makes it super easy to stay fresh and up to date in digital trends.

You should know that simply enabling a new theme isn’t enough. Each theme comes with it’s own settings and way of implementing the design. Once your theme is enabled, you’ll want to spend some time to go through and customize the settings to accommodate your existing content.

If you’re site is heavily trafficked, do such updates during off-peak hours or on a test version of your site that can be transferred easily to the live site.

9. It’s FREE!

Last, but not least – WordPress is FREE! Yes. Free.
The only thing you have to pay for is your shared hosting account and your domain name. That’s it!

To get WordPress installed on your shared hosting account, there are WordPress installers inside of the cPanel. Or, if you opt for specific WordPress hosting, it will already come ready with a fresh install of WordPress ready for you.

Even if you do have hesitation of switching to WordPress… try it out for yourself. You’re really not out anything except for the time to try it out.

If you’re looking for a Custom WordPress site that has the look, feel, and features that’ll help grow your business, then check out this page to see how we can help.