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Are you a blogger and have been posting steadily for a few months and have succeeded in creating a small group of followers? Well, now that you have got the hang of blogging, it’s time to take it forward and climb the stairs of success. Add more useful information. Use more useful tricks and add more advanced features. When it comes to features, there are many that you can add to your website to make it more eye-catching and attractive to your audience. After all, the main aim of blogging is to attract visitors with your talent. So what are the website features that bloggers need today? Here are top five. Read on.

1. Auto-posting to Social Profiles

By now, you definitely know how important it is to get an exposure in social media. It has become an important marketing tool for businesses as well as bloggers. So how can you manage all your social media accounts and update your blog, while you have a busy schedule and all these seems extremely time-consuming? Well, with an auto-posting to social media profiles feature on your website, you can do that with ease. This feature offers a lot of advantages, one of them being time-saving. It lets you schedule your posts so that all your blog posts reach your readers at the perfect time. Auto-posting is also good if there is more than one writer for your blog and they do not have access to all your accounts on social media.

2. Blog Migration to new WordPress site

It can be said that WordPress is best for bloggers and there are a number of reasons behind this. Want to know some? Well, WordPress offers great design options, can be managed with ease, loads at a fast rate and you can have full control. Also, WordPress is best for SEO. Do you know what the best part is? You get to choose Plugins for doing anything you want. Now, who doesn’t want that! Could you ask for more?

3. Email Subscription Form

Well, needless to say, how important an email subscription form is for your blog. Still, if you are not aware, an email subscription form is a must-have for your blogging website. If your readers find your posts interesting and want to get notified whenever you post a new update on your blog, all they need is to fill up the form. This way, your readers will stay updated. Also, as the readers will revisit your website, it will help in driving targeted traffic. Your followers as well as your interaction with the readers will increase. Don’t you want this to happen?

4. Related Posts

Want to reduce your website bounce rate? Use Related Posts features on your blogging website. Visitors come to your page to find a certain information. If they do not find the post interesting, they will leave your site and go to some other site. If this continues to happen, it will increase your website bounce rate. However, if the visitors get an option to read posts that are related to something they are searching for, then chances are that they will stay for a longer period on your site. This will not only reduce the bounce rate, but also increase the website traffic.

5. Template Designs

Your blogging website should have Template Design feature. With it, your blog will no longer look like a cookie-cutter copy of someone else’s blog. All you have to do is go the Template Tab and customize. You will be able to personalize all the template that you have installed earlier. You will be able to change the width of the sidebar as well as the main column. Not to mention the background images and different other elements of your blog. Also, you get to customize the color, font size and much more. Isn’t it exciting?
So what are you waiting for? Include these features on your blogging website and enjoy the benefits.

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