Internet, no doubt, is an outstanding equalizer. Anyone with the knowledge and know-how about computers can begin an online or e-commerce business. An individual does not need to have any kind of technical experience and can begin from any place, set his own schedule, work at any time and work at any pace depending on whether he wants the business to grow in a rapid way or in a steady manner. No prior marketing or business experience is required.

Today’s competitive technology will succour beginning of an online business. You can build a successful online business and work through ways for growing your business not just by identifying your strengths but also by bearing the following in mind at all points of time:

1. Email Marketing

Marketing Sherpa reports that a third of the website traffic for e-commerce businesses comprises of returning visitors. The reality of website traffic lies in the fact that most people who visit online stores are just new visitors and there are significantly high chances of them not visiting again. If you do not want this scenario to confer over you, then you must do something to attract those visitors to keep coming back. Isn’t it? You can easily get around this very issue by building an email list and retain more and more traffic which has been earned by a lot of hard work and perseverance by you. Now, what the email lists and campaigns exactly do is- they drive repeated traffic back to your online business site by ushering the visitors or customers with a certain incentive to return. This can popularly be in the form of discounts, new products and other valuable content. If your e-commerce business has not yet adopted the very procedure of email marketing, then my friend you might be at a risk of losing out on a lot many profits.

2. Product Reviews

How can online customer reviews help drive SEO and sales growth? You will get the answer soon. With the aid of online platforms, customers are becoming more and more vocal about the services or products that they have purchased. They can just write anything and boom! The whole world will know. Online product reviews are critical for growth of an online business. You just have to get the thought out of your mind that online reviews are barely read by anyone. As per BrightLocal, 88 percent of people who were surveyed confessed that they did consult online reviews ‘occasionally’ or ‘regularly’. The stats prove that a lot many people read the product reviews. You might be surprised to find out that these actually influence the customers whether they should opt for your services or not. Online reviews are a huge part of digital marketing. These also leave no stone unturned for exerting the influence over where your online business is enlisted in the search engine results. Some online business sites proffer more influence to certain reviewers than others. Your search rankings can be significantly improved by getting a review from a more ‘authority reviewer’.

3. Social Media Reviews

Product and customer reviews on social media platforms are of much more importance these days. Like we discussed above, reviews can boost up your rankings on various search engines. It is very important for you to respond to all the reviews customers leave on your web page. Responding back to your customers via reviews is an excellent marketing tool that enables you to engage with your clients. In addition to being an excellent marketing tool, response to reviews on social media is an outstanding service tool. Addressing of reviews over social media will usher with the opportunity with fixing any kind of issue professionally. These testimonials are a great and a powerful asset within the social media. When a customer is searching for a service, the first instinct is to rely on experiences and words of others.

These in turn help the customer to form preconceived ideas no matter what. You can exploit this golden chance of taking reviews and turning them into marketing creative. What else you can work through is that you can try to form a suitable content out of these reviews and hence, your potential customers will gain a positive impact of your business.

4. Visually Appealing Website

First impression is the last impression! Isn’t it? What you always have to bear in mind that people take seconds to run to conclusions. It merely takes one-tenth of one second to judge or form first impression about another individual. Do you think websites will be any different? Moreover, it takes less than half a second to determine whether the visitor likes your website or not. So, we guess now you can deduce the importance of a website that renders an awesome visual treat to eyes. The first impression greatly depends upon a number of factors like structure, colors, symmetry, texts, colors of texts, fonts etc. Researchers have elucidated that websites with low visual complexity and higher prototypically (the degree of how representative a website design looks for a specific class of websites) are usually perceived as favourably appealing. Eye tracking is one of the other aspects of visually appealing design. More appealing menus, logos, images and social media icons are the key to capturing the viewer’s attention.

5. Start Blogging

Regardless of the nature and type of the business, blogging, sure does, form an integral part of a successful online marketing strategy. A blog is important because it drives traffic to your website. You can come up a blog mentioning all the critical pieces of information which are of relevance to the customers. This marketing tactic will leave no stone unturned to drive traffic to your website. Blogs even increase your SEO. Novel and fresh content is an essential component for beating the competitors in the search engine results page. Well-documented articles are an excellent way by which you can demonstrate your e-commerce business as an effective industry leader.

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