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Most blogs are the result of pure love. In most cases, the bloggers don’t monetize their website. Are you a blogger and already got a website that is quite popular? Well, you may provide some great content at completely free of cost. It might be videos, podcasts, blog posts or something else that is no doubt interesting. Maybe you are not monetizing your website at all or maybe you are already selling some ads. If you fall in the first group, then it’s time that you give it a second thought and add membership to your site. This way, you can have support for your work. So, now, the question is, how can you, as a blogger, turn your website into a membership site? Here are shared 5 ways. Read below –

1. Provide additional details/content for paid subscribers

Want to do something special for you paid subscribers? Well, you can offer them members only content. So, here are two different types of content ideas that you can offer. You can either offer value content or insider content. So what exactly is this value content? It can be anything that can be of great help to your readers. You can share a post on how to make money from blogging. If you have a lot of ideas on decorating a home, you can share a DIY project on home decoration with your paid subscribers. Also, you can offer them with printable PDF that they can follow while decorating their home. As this is a value content, it will be useful for your readers. Now comes the insider content. Through an insider content, you can let your readers know about yourself, your likes, your work routine or life. As humans are curious, they have a great interest in knowing about people they like. There are a lot of TV shows as well as magazines that are dedicated to capturing celebrity life. Make this nature of humans work in your favor for your membership site. You can even take a video of yourself and show them what project you are working on at present. Your readers will love it.

2. Offer course content

In order to turn your blogging site into a membership site, you can choose to offer some course content to your paid subscribers that they are interested in. The course can be in anything. If you have a makeup blog, you can create a PDF regarding the tips and tricks of makeup and give it to your blog members. Also, from time to time, you can offer some members only content that your readers would love to read. This will not only increase your website visitors, but also increase the members of your blog.

3. Give exclusive pre-release access to new content

Treat your blog members with an exclusive pre-release access to new content. Your readers are there on your website because they love to read your content, isn’t it? So what happens if they get to have a sneak-peek into your next content before you post it on your website? The members of your website will increase fast. Now, who doesn’t love to have access to what they love quicker? Post on your blog the interesting topic that you are going to write on next. This will keep the readers engaged. Then reveal that you are going to give exclusive pre-release access to members only. This will no doubt increase the number of your website members.

4. Discussion forums

On your website, add a members only discussion forum, where only paid members can discuss tips and ideas. In that forum, like-minded people can communicate with each other and share their interests and ideas. It will create a feeling of privacy as well as a community among your paid members, as they are paying for the privilege. Here is one thing that you have to keep in mind. Make sure to participate in the discussion yourself. As paid members, they will really appreciate the fact that they are getting special access to your time as well as ideas. It is not mandatory to participate in every single discussion, but make sure that the community knows you are involved.

5. Live video, text or voice chat

If you are the only contributor on your website, it’s likely that your readers look up to you. They would be very happy if they get to ask your questions or hang out with you in real time. Of course, it is not possible for you to hang out with every individual. So what you can do is set up a time each week when you are available live to chat via voice, text or video with your paid members. Let your members know that you will be available in real time so that they can ask you questions or chat with you. Here, the main aim is to create collaboration as well as communication between you and your members.

If you want to grow your membership over time, all you have to do is provide the right set of member benefits.

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