It is no wonder that with evolving technology even web pages are undergoing major changes. Gone are the days when people used to create websites with huge quantities of text informing the customer of company products and services. But in the past few years, this whole scenario has faced large changes. The trend with large texts is a thing of bygone times. Today, we are naturally inclined to the creation of a website with less amount of text and more amounts of quality graphics. The audience in today’s times cares less about reading and looks forward to large images for grasping as much information as possible. One possible reason underlying this very fact can be time-constraint. Each one of us is so busy that we cannot even spare a minute for something extra. Nevertheless, for attracting more and more customers, website should be robust in their organisation and have appealing images and graphics for catching hold of the attention of the visitor at once.

1. Background images

Images are a key to creating a visually appealing website. Background images always occupy the largest part of the website; hence it is the quality of the background image that catches the eye of the audience. You can also take this in a sense that background images are a part of the strategy to invite customers to explore more pages on your website. Background images will enable your audience to know more about your business or work without the need of any content. Also, choosing the right kind of background image will make the message of your business crystal clear for the audience. Always remember that a mere glance at the background image is enough for the audience to know about your business.

2. Featured images

Speaking of essence, any featured image is equivalent to the post title. It is only the feature image that will get seen the most. This is usually the placed right next to the title on your blog page and is also included on social media. There are only a few places whereby the audience may see your link and remember that each time the featured image will undoubtedly be visible. People scan the website; make sure the featured images are appealing enough to grab attention of all visitors.

3. Storytelling images

‘Pictures or it didn’t happen’ is the new success mantra. Today, images are not just something visitors look at but they occupy the centre stage of most engagements online. Since, everyone is already preoccupied with a lot many things; they are hardly bothered by the large content that you must have written describing your success story, story of your business etc. If the audience doesn’t want to read about it so why waste time creating such content? If you want your audience to know more about you, your company, your blog or your success story, the best way is to graphically represent the same. Now, when each and everything is brought into the limelight via images; first of all it will be very precise and the audience will get know whatever they want to in a split second and secondly it will fail no chance to add to visual treat since images are so much fun.

4. Step by step images

Images, no matter the type and kind, have much aesthetic value than the text. Pictures go a long way towards communicating with the visitor and form an authentic bond as well as solid first impression. Step by step images are essential because they designate a work frame to the work pathway and any procedure that has many intermediate stages. As discussed above, texts are monotonous and boring. If you seriously want o make an impact on your customers or visitors, adopt smarter ways. Illustrate your workflows or work pathways or any other thing with the aid of bright and colorful images. This will not create a fascination among the audience but, believe it or not, they sure are going to be intrigued too. Plus, rendering the website with an alluring look comes handy as well.

5. Graphic images

It is well known fact that splitting text into fascinating and compelling images will attract more audience. Graphic images with high quality and contextual relevance are more likely to render a magnificent look to your website. It is a proven fact that articles with images get more views than those which don’t. Since, attention spans are getting shorter, there is oversaturation of digital content and increased adaptability to mobile internet access, content presented in the form of big blocks of text is off-putting. Graphical images will take care of the same. Utilisation of high-resolution, quality and attractive images are the best way to purchase time and attention of the audience.