Are you a lawyer? Then you definitely want to fight for justice and help people as much as possible. That’s good. However, do you know how can you increase your visibility and promote your expertise? Well, that’s by creating a website for your law firm. Of course, a custom website. A custom website offers plenty of advantages that can help you succeed in your profession by getting you more clients. You may want to know, how exactly can a custom website help your profession? Well, a custom website will have a unique design that fits your profession perfectly. It will be SEO-friendly, which means more customers to your website. This, in turn, will increase the number of your clients, which is no doubt great. If you are thinking that creating a custom website is difficult, then you are wrong. It’s not that difficult. Still, if you think that it’s not your cup of tea, then you can definitely take help of a professional. So, here are described top 3 ways that you, as a lawyer can get noticed with a custom website –

1. SEO Friendly Content

Content is the king. A website helps you to have an online presence and the content on the website helps in getting visitors to your website and increases the number of visitors. SEO-friendly content means it will have all the keywords that perfectly matches your profession. So, if anyone searches for “best lawyers” on the Google search engine, your website will come up as a result. The more SEO- friendly the content of your website is, the more it stands the chance to rank on top. This ensures more visitors as well as more clients. Good quality SEO-friendly content is what search engines look for, and when you have that, no one can stop you from getting more clients. So make sure your custom website has high-quality and unique SEO-friendly content.

2. Bio

Don’t ignore the SEO power of your personal biography. So how can you make your bio stand out in the pool of websites? Well, include links in it. Now, if you find a content interesting, won’t you love to read more information about it? The same logic applies in a bio. Co-citation is equally important here. Of course, the number of links and in which lines you will use it is completely up to you. You can choose to anchor text your degree or the name of the university where you have studied. Now, let’s come to length. This is often flexible. You can either go for short paragraphs or short lines.

3. Linked to Google My Business

Want to manage the online presence of your profession? Link to Google My Business, which is a Google-powered platform. Once you create a Google My Business account, you can add all the details of your profession or business such as contact number, website address, working hours and much more. This will let your business to show up in maps, locations, reviews as well as increase its visibility. To be precise, the exposure of your business will get multiplied. If a person searches for a lawyer, s/he will be provided with every single detail about you –your contact number, your email address and your physical address. It will be a lot easier for your clients to get in touch with you. And the best thing is that you will be able to make an improved first impression through your business listing in Google.
Want to get more clients? Get a custom website.