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Digital marketing strategies are evolving with each passing day that it makes one wonder as to why email marketing is still important! A robust email marketing strategy helps you to reach to a wider section of customers and establish connections with the target audience in a personalized way and amplifies sales lead at an affordable cost. Email marketing and campaigns enable you to attract new customers as well as build long-lasting fruitful associations with the already existing clientele.

Here are three reasons as to why each and every business should definitely be involved in email marketing:

1. Communication with your prime target audience

Emails possess the power to keep your audience connected. They render the customers with a feeling that are well-aware of their presence and think about them. While other marketing channels limit you to customize the penned down message for different types of audience, email marketing provides you with a wonderful opportunity to organize your audience into groups or categories and hence, communicate with your audience based on interest, purchase behavior or location. You can communicate in a similar way with your prime target audience, by classifying them into similar groups and sending them customized messages. Your potential customers are at different stages of the buying cycle. Creation of buying personas can help you to determine what kind of content is relevant for each step. Segmenting these potential buyers can help businesses to target them more effectively.

2. Increased web traffic and sales

Whether you are an online business owner that sells products online or a retail store aiming to increase traffic to your website so that you can attract more and more customers with time, there is only one thing that is going to save your time and labor and that is –email marketing. A subscriber list of targeted audience produces more opens and traffic than a list of subscribers from the purchased list. Personalisation of messages also drives more traffic to your website. An email list definitely encourages the customers to get back to your website. Once you have a strong presence online, email marketing forms one of the critical tools for driving more traffic and amplifying sales. After all, traffic equals more sales and hence more money.

3. Brand loyalty

With each business email you send, you are exposing your brand and business to your customer. You can work on ways to build value with smart design, targeted content and strategic planning. Consistent email campaigns will make a place for your business in the minds and hearts of customers. Now, you don’t actually have to bug your customers with emails with each passing hour as this only lead to them hating you. Many times, a situation arises whereby a company tries to sell the product online but forgets totally about the brand awareness factor. As a result, they are prohibiting the possibility of building customer trust. Never forget that emails are responsible for turning leads into actual clients and loyal customers.


There are a ton of email marketing platforms out there that you can choose from. We recommend signing up for MailChimp because they are easy to use and great for creating your first ever email list. For all of our clients, we have a few training videos to help you get started with MailChimp on the client resource page found in the “My Account” section.