Whatever be the reason, websites have become a necessity. Small-businesses, entrepreneurs, large business owners and home-based businesses, no doubt, require an online platform whereby they can put forth the services and address to inquiries as well as grievances of the clients. Irrespective of the marketing methods adopted by you, enabling potential customers to find through online searches or grasp more about your products and services after they have learned about your marketing entity is the key to not only creating and developing new clientele but also aids in the building of long-lasting and successful relationships with your old customers.

Just when you have committed to selling your products or services online, website holds the center stage. Business websites, especially, are an extended medium of your business card via which your clients can learn more about you, your business and services offered. Business owners, irrespective of the size of business, should always remember about detailing their background, experience and other credentials for rendering you credibility and building confidence over customers whenever they are apprehensive about dealing with you.

Creating a website is a task easier said than done. Right from the beginning, one should be well aware of what they actually want to put forward. Here are few simple ways by which a business website can work effectively for you:

1. Automatically subscribe new customers to email list upon checkout completion

Email marketing is one of the most efficient channel through which businesses market and advertise these days. Email marketing is most often synonymous with newsletters and one-off campaigns and these, no doubt, occupy a central stage in the email marketing strategy. To attract new customers and in an attempt to build long-lasting associations, business holders can work through ways to automatically subscribe new customers to email list once they are done with checkout. With evolving technology, the smartest of the companies and business have started to set up automatic email campaigns. Automated email campaigns leave no chance to trigger customer response in a way that it can drive more visits by the customer and hence, generate more revenue.

2. Customize automated emails with branded look and better information

One of the key essential for pleasing your clients is by getting rid of the monotonous robotic messages with automated emails. Just don’t render a vibe of automation to automated emails. Make your marketing strategy a bit personal. If you are employing email automation, what you can do is tailor your ‘from’ names to specifically appeal to each email send’s audience. You might utilise your own name, include all the necessary contact information or the name of someone in the company. Emails with better visual looks will enable the customers to land more often on your website.

3. Collect needed customer info during checkout

While marketing your products on online platforms, make it a point to collect whatever information that you need at the time the customer is checking out. You can take hold of the info like name, email, shipping address etc. Business executives can configure their notifications so that the information can be emailed to you.

4. Provide several forms of payment options

Businesses are definitely aware of the fact that one of the best ways to maximise sales and success is by offering various payment options. Once you do this, you are not only ushering your clients with more options but are also seizing every sale you, possibly, can. Moreover, offering more payment choices will render your listing a much appealing look.

5. Have an “Account” page for customers to manage purchases and other information

The customer is the king. Having an ‘Account’ page fir the customers is, no doubt, going to help them manage their purchases. Whenever the customers are logged in they can easily save items for later, avail advantage of checkout ordering and check the status of an order. This will in turn lead to a personalised shopping experience.

6. Start building a comprehensive FAQ page or section

A FAQ section done right can be an utterly effective addition to your website. The FAQ section holds a lot of benefits; it can improve SEO and site navigation, relieve some of the burden on customer support, earn trust and even delight customers.

7. Get feedback from customers to improve checkout process

Checkout process can be improved and simplified significantly only with the help of feedbacks from trustworthy customers. Most businesses neglect the importance of an obtaining feedbacks. Exploit the wonderful opportunity of getting feedback from customers to improve not only the checkout process but also making browsing easier for an excellent customer experience.

8. Setup shipping rates and service

Since you are the service provider, you own all the rights for setting up shipping rates and charging for services provided. You can charge fixed shipping rates based on set quantities, customer location, invoice total or total value of specific items on an order. You can even devise price-based or weight-based shipping rates.

9. Input required sales tax information

A lot many charge sales tax on items sold over internet. Now, as for business is concerned this seems to be an extremely critical piece of information. Whatever revenue is generated by sales should be known only to you or your company. While an individual is curious or wants more information on sales tax, an input field should be made mandatory so that you are aware of who might be interested in enquiring.

10. Promote related products as Up-sells and/or Cross-sells

Amazon attributes 35 percent of its revenue to cross-selling. Both the ‘frequently bought together’ and ‘customers who bought this item also bought’ sections can be utilized in a proficient manner to generate more revenue and increase sales. Similarly, when you have decided on models or features that you want to up-sell, you always keep in mind the needs and wants of the customer. Additional revenue can undoubtedly be generated when you present the customer with expensive model in same product family.

A lot of this might seem really daunting as you might not even have the first clue of where to start in achieving a lot of these. Which is totally fine! As a business owner, you’re worried about a lot of other things that also need your time and attention. However, we don’t want to detract from how incredibly helpful these little things can be in the long run. So – let us help you! Head on over and check out our Business Owner Package which includes us helping you with all these little details.